Employees Recruitment

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Why work for NdGoIT Staffing?
We know from yearlong experience that recruiting skilled personnel nationally that you make the difference. You can solve the structural mismatch between demand and supply of staff in USs.

 10 reasons why to choose for NdGoIT Staffing

1 | We have a lot of Job Offer you can choose from
2 | We have above average conditions (wages, contracts, costs)
3 | We provide certified accommodation
4 | We offer very good transportation conditions
5 | Social aspects are very important for us. We want to make you feel at home
6 | Our contracts and conditions are transparent
7 | When you work for NdGoIT Staffing, we are there for you 24/7
8 | Payment of salaries are always on time
9 | No unreasonable penalties

And last but not least:
10 | We do what we say!

Employers Recruitment

Beyond Just a Recruitment Agency

SAMPLE: We recruit foreign staff at all levels for all sectors, both for seasonal employment as well as permanent positions. While our sister company European Talents specializes in high-skilled staff, European Staffing focuses on low-skilled and middle-skilled staff. We are particularly experienced in industry sectors such as logistics, production, engineering, industrial automation, homecare, laboratory, food, etc.. Due to our unique recruitment system and international offices we are able to supply high volume temps on daily basis. When faced with skill shortages or a shrinking labour pool, we give you direct access to foreign temporary staff in a minimum of time.

Not only do we deliver people with appropriate qualifications, relevant experience and checked references, we also take care of immigration proceedings, travel arrangements, accommodation, social security, language lessons, integration, social support and more. In short: a complete and professional service with a human touch to guarantee smooth procedures and an innovative, flexible approach. If you are looking for a professional and punctual organisation with fast and reliable services, European Staffing is your agency!

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